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Indoor Soft Play Equipment Funtasia Design

We at Funtasia Design are the UK’s premier indoor play equipment specialists who can undertake numerous projects to transform any area specifically designed for children.  We are able to design, construct and install various soft play areas plus provide a massive range of soft play products to fill your new play area with.  From slides and tunnels to squiggy blocks, animals, games and cute chairs.

Since we first established many years ago, we have developed a fantastic reputation for our quality products and services – in fact we have become one of the leading companies for ‘soft play’ equipment throughout the UK! We have had past experience in transforming small home nurseries & playrooms, shopping / leisure centres and designing & installing unique custom areas for large corporate events & functions.

We are very flexible in designing for a variety of spaces too.  We have created small individual play areas with cute building blocks or ball pits and also large scale soft play jungles with fun slides, inbuilt tunnels, swinging poles, punch bags and climbing frames.  Our play areas have brought joy to children – trust us, once they start playing, they will never want to leave! And to parents, its satisfying knowing your child will be playing in a safe, clean environment.  ALL installations meet *ROSPA standards and requirements.


  • Soft-Play proposed Site Inspections
  • Soft-Play design & Construction / Installations
  • EMERGENCY Soft-play center maintenance & cleaning services
  • Contractual Soft-play center maintenance & cleaning services
  • Soft-Play product supplies and replenishment of Ball-pools

Our product range is very vast! We have themed items such as animals, farmyard & marine, and we have basic items which can be supplied in an array of colours and sizes.  Our full range includes: soft play characters, themed rocking horses, stepping stones, puzzle blocks, themed slides, themed seats, wobbly characters, steps & slides, vault blocks, play tubs, ball pits, balls, playing blocks and cubes, playful boundary walls, soft play vehicles, baby climb over, different sized plastic slides, tunnels, padded walls, dice, disc ramps, bean bag squares, wobbly mirrors, padded bridges, punch bags, wave riders, and an up & down roller coaster!

We also offer maintenance and repair work on all types of soft play equipment and play areas.  Some minor repairs we may do includes: Tension of netting, Tightening of nuts, bolts, screws, etc, Minor netting repairs, and Minor repairs to PVC.  We offer contract inspections too where we can keep an eye on your equipment so it continues to be safe for children.  If you need an emergency inspection or need some repair work done quickly then we are available to come out when you need us and we will fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any our services or products – we would love to hear from you! Or you can visit our social media page to hear about our latest projects, news and deals.